Why a World of Data?

I love working with data, both numbers and other forms, and their applications to business. That love led me to undergraduate and MBA degrees on the application of data to answer questions and solve business-related problems.

Today businesses and governments are collecting more and more data, This is often the subject of controversy due to privacy and security concerns, as we read in news nearly every day. As a result, there are mountains of data (not literally, since most is electronic), more than most know how to handle, let alone use.

Data, though, is not information. It has to be managed, stored, formatted and applied in ways that are useful in making decisions and managing in order to have real value to a business. That’s where database management comes into the picture – – and the role of database managers.

I decided to start this blog as a vehicle both to push me to stay up to date on the latest data management tools and techniques and to share knowledge with others who have similar interests.

My goal – where you, the reader, is concerned – is to open your eyes to the wide world that is filled with multitudes of data you need to organize for easy use in providing and managing information to solve critical business and personal challenges.

Whether you need to use a database management system for business or personal applications, there are many ways to transform the world of data.

This website will explore and guide you in database management systems and their real world applications to help you become an expert.

There are many programs available to help you to get the job done. Through this blog I will delve into topics that will help you learn how to apply a variety of database management systems to meet your particular needs. Becoming expert at any application program requires at least minimal knowledge of programming language and commands.

I will share what I know and learn along the way to help you extract and manipulate data to satisfy your business or personal needs and help you perform ahead of the competition.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and encourage you to leave your own thoughts and suggestions along the way.