SQL Built-In Datatypes

Datatype Explanation
NUMBER Stored by Oracle as zero, positive, and negative fixed and floating point numbers
BINARY_FLOAT Holds floating point numbers that support infinity. (32 Bit Format)
BINARY_DOUBLE 64 Bits Format double precision floating data point number
VARCHAR2 Variable length character string with maximum size of 4,000
CHAR Fixed character length data with maximum size of 2,000 characters
LONG Character datatype with maximum storage capacity of 2 GB; Oracle recommends that you convert data from this datatype to CLOBs
CLOB Stores large text objects. Useful for storing XML objects.
DATE Stores date and time.
TIMESTAMP Same as DATE but includes fractional seconds precision from 0 to 9 digits.
TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE A TIMESTAMP that include the time zone displacement value.
INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH Period of years and months.
INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND Period of time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
ROWID Represents the unique address of a row in a table.
RAW Raw binary data with maximum length of 2,000 bytes. Useful for small binary data, such as graphics
LONG RAW Can holds up to 2 GB, used for binary data such as graphics, sound or documents; ORACLE recommends converting LONG RAW to BLOB for fewer restrictions
BLOB Stores unstructured binary large objects. Useful for the graphic images, video clips and sounds.
BFILE Points to large binary file stored outside of the database.